Окна из алюминия в Севастополе — это новые возможности при остеклении больших площадей и сложных форм. Смотрите отзывы.

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Иосиф Бродский

Stone Villages The stone-built villages of England. A cathedral bottled in a pub window. Cows dispersed across fields. Monuments to kings. A man in a moth-eaten suit sees a train off, heading, like everything here, for the sea, smiles at his daughter, leaving for the East. A whistle blows. And the endless sky over the tiles grows bluer as swelling birdsong fills. And the clearer the song is heard, the smaller the bird. 1975-6, translated by the author. Источник: http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~safonov/brodsky/stone_villages.html

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